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Hand Painted Custom Wall Murals and Fine Art Prints
Everett hand paints custom wall murals for commercial and residential clients. The hand painted wall murals are custom and one of a kind. Each custom hand painted wall mural is designed and executed specifically to his client's requests. He paints interior and exterior wall murals that range in various subject matter; from an interesting yet playful jungle mural to an inviting and colorful sea life mural. Everett also paints fantasy images, such as an enchanted forest mural, a princess castle mural and medieval themed wall murals. Tuscan and Country murals give a room or space an old world and rustic charm.

His fine art prints consist of tropical sea life, tropical sunsets, dolphins, sea turtles, boats, floral, tuscan and country designs. These images are are available as prints on paper or canvas.

Clent Pet Gallery Artwork
You can commision Everett to paint your pet by sending an image to Everett to Paint by. Please make sure the image is not blurry and is a descent size for him to work off of. You can send the image along with your contact information (name, phone number and a good time to reach you) over the web to Everett will contact you within 24 hours and go over the details with you.

Airbrush Gallery Artwork
You can commision Everett to airbrush at your next party or event. You can also find Everett down at the San Jose Flea Market on weekends.

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